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30 Jan

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“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.”–William James

I had a chance to catch up with a friend this week. They are working on a major transformation project with some significant deadlines approaching in this upcoming year. Time is short and the deliverables are critical and building up.

But there was a problem – the team’s work wasn’t being recognized. Even worse, the team had stopped recognizing each other’s efforts. The work was getting done, the pressure was high, but the momentum was waning.

This is so incredibly frustrating to me. We have talked about this on the blog before ( Gratitude and recognition cost nothing, but mean everything.

It says to that team and those individuals, “I (we) see your hard work. Keep it up. What you are doing is very important. Thank you for paying attention to the details.” It takes only moments….a quick email. A text to the team. Poking your head into a meeting. The appreciation is rocket fuel.

I still struggle when I hear stories where people’s hard work isn’t recognized. I get it that leader’s get busy, but what you have to realize is that when you don’t let people know you appreciate them, it starves the opportunity for people to appreciate it each other. Sure it may still happen, but if the leader is seeing the progress and making their gratitude known, it tends to cascade and reflect throughout the team, building the momentum each team member needs to persevere to see critical projects through.

Especially now as initiatives identified at the beginning of the year are starting to ramp up……stop long enough to take stock of the work being done…….see the effort and ideas that the team is bringing…..and appreciate the hard work. You can’t appreciate them too much…and they can’t hear it enough. It is easy for any leader to fly through their day… takes effort and empathy to stop, see, and appreciate.

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