#tbt – We don’t need reassurance. We need to show up and make a difference.

25 Feb

A throw back to a post from last September (http://www.5for5blog.com/friday-unwind-we-dont-need-reassurance-we-need-to-show-up-and-make-a-difference/).

Again, a little longer video at 45 minutes, but end to end it is full of great and motivational material.

Hope you enjoy….again!

Here are the additional 5 for 5 articles:

The organizational cost of insufficient sleep – by Nick van Dam and Els van der Helm – via McKinsey Quarterly

How to Master the Art of ‘Just Start’ – by Jane Porter – via Entrepreneur

How to talk about your project – by Seth Godin – via @thisissethsblog

There’s No Such Thing As Stress—Here’s What’s Really Bothering You – by Robert Maurer – via Fast Company

Negotiation 101 for senior leaders: How to structure an effective argument – by Irene McConnell – via Smartblogs

all the best, kevin