#tbt – Thoughts on slowing down

9 Dec


Good morning everyone.

I have written on the blog before about the need and urgency of intentionally slowing down this time of year. Too often I have driven full throttle through December only to find myself a couple days before Christmas wondering where this enter season had gone. It’s not hard really, with all good intentions (buying gifts, finishing the year strong, etc.) we miss the opportunity to truly miss the opportunity to enjoy the 31 days in this month.

This time of year is obviously a great time to reflect on the early parts of the year: what we learned, where we succeeded, and how we made a difference. It is a great time to begin setting a course for the new year: how to operate more in the moment, how to say no to ineffective or unproductive habits, how to connect with those you care about. It is a time to magnify your gratitude: Thanksgiving should just be the appetizer.

I wish I could be prescriptive on the one or two surefire ways to hit the brakes. But I know it will be different for everyone. For me, I love to get my camera out this time of year. My family also has several traditions, that I try to savor as my kids are getting older. But ultimately, it is a decision that we have done our best and slowing down to reflect, or think about next year, or to be grateful isn’t just good for us, it is good for everyone around us.

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All the best, kevin