#tbt – “Remember that the happiest people…”

8 Oct

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Good morning……I know last week for the inaugural #tbt blog post I said I would be re-sharing a previous post, but I have slightly changed my mind…..instead, I will try to sprinkle in some new content (maybe a quote, maybe a quick blog, maybe a video) which again is only for the subscribers to this blog.

Thank you all again for continuing to follow, comment, and share!

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H.  Jackson Brown, Jr.

Here’s the bonus 5 for 5 articles

Start Projects With Phase Zero – by David Burkus – via 99u

SUSDAT (Show Up, Sit Down, and Type) – by Seth Godin – via @thisissethsblog

How to be a Great Team Leader and Team Player – by Mark Sanborn – via marksanborn.com

9 Nodding Strategies for Your Next Meeting – by Sarah Cooper – via Medium

6 Ways For Leaders To Make Their Messages Resonate – by Todd Henry – via Fast Company

All the best, kevin