#tbt – Real leaders (def.)

11 Feb

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Just wanted to share what I believe is one of the most brilliant descriptions of leadership I have heard. I hope I can aspire to this definition every day.

If you are interested, I heard this quote today on one of my favorite podcasts, Radio Free Leader by David Burkus. If you haven’t subscribed, but love podcasts, please do yourself a favor and check it out. (http://davidburkus.com/2016/02/0706-how-transformation-works-with-roger-martin-sally-osberg/)

Here are this week’s additional 5 for 5 articles:

To Overcome the Fear of Failure, Fear This Instead – by Adam Grant – via Medium

7 Ways to Be the Very Best Leader You Can Be – by Brian Tracy – via SUCCESS

Passion, Fun, Priorities: How I Have Avoided Work-Life Balance Burnout – by Richard Branson – via LinkedIn

How Leadership and Creativity Go Hand In Hand – by Mike Davies – via Chief Learning Officer

Medium’s Cofounder On How To Design Simple Solutions For Complex Problems – by Biz Stone – via Fast Company

All the best, kevin