#tbt – Living a life of constant total amazement

28 Jan

This is a throwback to a post from almost one year ago: http://www.5for5blog.com/friday-unwind-living-a-life-of-constant-total-amazement/

One of my favorite movies of all time is from the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan era, a little piece called “Joe versus the Volcano”. While the movie never received any critical acclaim, the message from the embedded clip has stayed with me.

Just like this week’s Mid Week Motivation (http://www.5for5blog.com/mid-week-motivation-there-are-only-two-ways/), we have a choice in how we approach our lives. We can choose to live as if everything is a miracle, or as this clip shows, to live a life of constant total amazement. But ultimately…


Here are this week’s additional 5 for 5 articles:

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all the best, kevin