#tbt – Leading from “Me” to “We”

28 Oct

Outta my way

Good morning everyone.

I had been giving the blog post I wrote this week some additional thought. And while I’m not changing my views on anything I wrote, I wanted to expand on the idea of helping “me” people, see the role of being a “We” leader.

As I was reflecting on my conversation with a team member last week, I began thinking about two types of “me” people I have encountered:

  • People that genuinely want to lead others, but need help learning the role of “We” before “Me”
  • And those that are purely position seekers

As leaders ourselves, someone likely helped show you the stewardship way as you were first getting into leadership and we have an obligation to help show that way to others. So here are some suggestions that I would recommend, and have recommended in the past, to someone aspiring to lead:

Observe other leaders

  • Simple and free. I always suggest to observe other leaders…especially in a crisis. Do they fly off the handle and start yelling….or are they quick to listen, understand, and coach. Never miss a chance to observe a leader in their natural habitat….meetings.

Interview some leaders

  • Whether they formally take on a mentor or just try to interview several leaders, talking to good leaders who understand their role as a steward of their people is a significant opportunity.

Recommend learning material

  • As I have mentioned on the blog before, there is a ton of great information being published daily and weekly. Anything written by Todd Henry, John Maxwell, Roger Martin, Jim Collins, and Simon Sinek is a good place to start.

Ask them about leadership roles outside of work

  • Challenge them to find other avenues to explore leadership outside if initially they can’t assume a role on your team. Coach a sports team. Serve in a PTO. Volunteer in the community. Everywhere you turn there are opportunities

Your job as the leader is to help open the opportunity for being a stewardship focused leader to those with the desire to lead. If they truly believe in that philosophy, they won’t even hesitate to jump on some of the suggestions above.

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All the best, kevin