About “5 for 5”

This blog is about inspiration. Not the soft, fluffy wishful someday type of inspiration. I truly believe that every person, yup that means you, is gifted in three areas:

  • Leadership – The ability to positively influence those around you and execute on great ideas
  • Creativity – The ability to develop unique solutions to problems and see beyond the 
  • Unique skills and knowledge – Your unique gifts and talents; maybe it’s painting, or negotiations, or serving

And when someone sees and believes their potential in these areas, they can contribute amazing ideas, thoughts, and actions to their families, business, and the world around them.

The problem – most people don’t see this potential. Some people actually think that that these areas beneath them or for “other people”. But, what I’ve learned is that the vast majority of people really, really, REALLY want to do amazing things, they just need a little spark to light the way.

That is what this blog is for……little bits, little sparks, little seeds of inspiration, thoughts and sources of knowledge to help you on your journey.

Originally, this was an internal email I sent out to my team that started as a quote every once a while when I could see we were up against a tough challenge. Eventually, the quotes grew to a monthly email called “Leadership Notes” and so did the number of people I sent it to internally.

Finally, at the beginning of 2014 I renamed the email, which had effectively become a blog as the “5 for 5 blog” based on an article in Fast Company by Laura Vanderkam (http://www.fastcompany.com/3021821/work-smart/17-productive-ways-to-spend-5-minutes-instead-of-checking-your-email-again). The idea being that if people have these small pockets of time each day then sharing great, bite sized articles would help people learn new ideas that they might not normally be exposed to. So was born “5 for 5”; Five article that could be read in 5 minutes or less!

So I typically lead off each 5 for 5 with my own take on a thought or something that is on my mind. I also try to share my own “So What”, or my own take away on why each article is worth reading. Importantly, as I used to tell my own team, the first audience I am writing for is me. Because frankly, I need advice, help, and encouragement as much as anyone. Everyone else is just invited to join in my journey.  🙂

I hope these posts and the materials I share will inspire you. One of the great leaders I had a chance to work for, once said “Inspired people are self-motivated.” I truly believe that and which is exactly why I will pour my energy into this because I believe one idea can change a person’s attitude, perspective, confidence, which will affect many other people in their lives.

Lastly, you are a manager or leader that is looking for ways to add value to your team, please feel free to share this. Honestly, I never knew where to start or how to share with my team. In the back of my mind I was always concerned that people would think I was “cheesy” or “weird”. But actually the opposite was true. By being a little vulnerable and caring, I learned that this kind of sharing could have an amazing impact.

I hope you enjoy. I hope you are inspired. I hope you take some of these seeds and apply them for your growth. I hope that you will be changed and in turn, inspire those around you.

Enough of my blabbing…let’s get going!

All the best.

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