Leadership lessons from Dad- Remember to have fun

19 Jun


“Just remember to have fun.”

My dad used to tell me this constantly. Whether I was playing a sport, headed to school, or even ahead of big events in my career. His point was, we can be overly serious and miss the enjoyment of being in the moment. And by not being in the moment, not only may we miss the fun, but we certainly miss the chance to learn and grow.

Dad could be as serious as anyone when the occasion called for it. But he loved to laugh. He loved to tell corny jokes to make us laugh as kids (in fact today there is a boom of “John-isms” sitting my parents’ living room). Dad’s humor was a reminder that humility was a key in building relationships and building people up. He had a way of encouraging us even if we had just struck out or missed a free throw.

And it is something I remember each day, not to take myself too seriously and to empathize with those around me who my need a small shot of encouragement as they make it through that day. Business is often serious enough without the leader being at defcon 5 all day, every day.

Thanks Dad for these great reminders. I definitely cannot tell a joke as well but I will never forget the lessons you taught about caring for those around me.

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