Friday Unwind – You don’t need to read 5 million books…start with one.

9 Oct

Good morning and happy Friday.

Via Google:

Here are the latest stats, from the Pew Research Center: 75% of Americans 16 and older read a book last year. The median number of books read by readers last year was 6; the average, pushed up by those always-reading outliers, was 15.

This TED Talk is definitely on the lighter side. Very interesting. But you don’t need to read 5 million books…you need to find one….one that captures your eye, heart, or mind.

It has never been easier to own your development. It used to be that you would have to wait for the company to host a week long training session (probably on a topic that didn’t interest you). Now, there are so many amazing authors publishing books based on solid research and examples. No one will hand you a learning plan, you have to go and take it.

Have a great weekend.

all the best, kevin