Friday Unwind – Who wouldn’t want this job?

11 Dec

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday.

A little more fun this week. I happened to see this video a week ago and have probably watched it another two dozen times since then. A while this video makes you smile  ear to ear with a super cute little girl driving a monstrous size truck, three other things got my attention:

  • The engineering on this truck is ridiculous.It’s not a truck, it’s a tank.
  • The creativity to design this video is amazing (note: this is the same company that featured Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two trucks driving down the highway)
  • The storytelling to tie it all together is compelling and fun. I want one!!!

One other quick note to think about, the title of this post is “Who wouldn’t want this job?” for two reasons:

  • Yes, admit, you want to be handling the remote control and driving this truck!
  • But as mentioned above wouldn’t it be amazing to work on the team that dreamt this up. The challenge to you and I though is, we can do this in our work too.  It is our choice to make incredible work and make a difference.
    • NOTE: As of this post the video has been viewed 7.7 million times in a week. Again, your work can do that too.

Have a great weekend.

all the best, kevin