Friday unwind – The most important project management tool you aren’t using

6 Mar

Good morning and happy Friday.

One of the best books I have read recently is a book by today’s Friday Unwind presenter, Daniel Kahneman, titled “Thinking Fast and Slow”. In the book, which won him a Nobel prize in economics, he details many examples of how smart people, creatives, and strategic thinkers allow their cognitive biases to lead their decisions astray every day.

However, as he will present in this video, one the best ways to help de-bias our planning fallacy is to conduct a “premortem”. Certainly everyone is familiar with the post mortem when running major projects. But exactly as he describes, the typical project openly rejects people that raise objections and issues, especially close to the launch. The “premortem” though not only allows dissent, but actually encourages it by asking team members to explain why the project may go wrong.

Hope you enjoy. Have a great weekend.

All the best, kevin