Friday Unwind – From Design to Design Thinking

19 Sep

Good morning and Happy Friday!!!

For this week’s Friday Unwind, I wanted to share one of the most intriguing and important iodeas that I have been studying in the past year: Design Thinking.

As you know from my blog earlier this week, I recently finished a book called “Change by Design”. The author, Tim Brown, is today’s speaker and really helps to breakdown how design thinking is enabling new breakthroughs not only in the design community, but in many “normal business”. In fact, as you can from his presentation, he urges:

“Design’s too important to be left in the hands of designers.”

So whether you are a doctor with patients, or your face customers, or you support another organization in your business, please consider the steps recommended in this video as you are looking to make a difference for those around you.

What is one area in your current role that you can apply design thinking?

Have a great weekend.

All the best,