Friday Unwind – Could you be creative for a week?

27 May

What would happen if you committed to a creative outlet for one hour per day, each day for a week? We just might regain our creative confidence.

Enjoy this short video from Brit + Co. and remember we are all creative.

all the best, kevin

2 thoughts on “Friday Unwind – Could you be creative for a week?

  1. I have a pile of material that I’ve collected to make napkins, placemats and pillow covers. It’s collecting dust! If I left the sewing machine out for one week and devoted your suggested one hour a day to sewing, I could have a nice clean and clear corner and some really nice items! Thanks for the spark Kev!

  2. Great motivation Kev! And just the inspiration I needed to, like mom, get back to sewing. The idea of building up an inventory to sell at a craft show this fall has seemed daunting. I like the 1 hour per day idea! Helps the task seem a little more manageable. Will let you know how I do this week!

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