Friday Unwind – Coaching Others to Be Their Best

30 Oct

Good morning everyone.

Sticking with this week’s idea of “We” before “Me” comes a great video from John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens where he has racked up the second highest number of wins since he took over in 2008 and won the super bowl in 2012 (source: Wikipedia).

Being a coach of a professional sports team is tough business and none tougher than the NFL where every week the spotlight of scrutiny is intense. It would be easy for the head coach to worry only about winning games and protecting their job, but to  hear Coach Harbaugh talk in this short clip is inspiring. Clearly he understands that success means pouring himself into his coaches and players!

Key thoughts:

  • Do whatever you can to help others be their best.
  • It shouldn’t be about where it takes you; it’s where it takes us.
  • It’s easier to kind of sit back and hide in your office, may be get involved in some paperwork. When really what you need to be doing as a leader is going out and finding out who you need to be helping do what they do and help them do it well.

Have a great weekend.

all the best, kevin