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15 Sep

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Good morning everyone.


A few weeks ago, in a previous 5for5 post, I urged the readers to be constantly “filling your cup” with knowledge and experience, so that you as the leader can in turn empty your cup into your team, ultimately helping everyone to get better. (http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-blog-are-you-filling-your-cup/).


As anyone who has read this blog knows, the first person I am sharing this advice with is myself. So as I was thinking about this week’s post, I wanted to share what I have been doing to fill my cup over the past few months:


  • Reading –I am a voracious reader. And because I travel for my work, I usually try to read one book per trip. The picture in the header are a group of the books that I have read since the beginning of August and I would highly recommend them all….and you will be hearing a lot more about them in upcoming posts. NOTE: May be the books or pod
  • Thinking – It is not enough to take in information or experiences….you need to spend the time thinking about how you can connect those ideas to your present and future direction. So how can you go about doing that:
    • Get a pen and paper and start writing/doodling – Get all of the ideas out of your head and on to some paper. Look for patterns in your new knowledge and where you are currently facing issues and map the items together to see new opportunities.
    • Get away from your desk – Take the advice of one of the 5for5 recommendations below. Go for a walk.
    • Turn off your digital disruptions – Give yourself the freedom to create some uninterrupted, focus time where you can think deeply on topics. If your computer, phone, or tablet are on, you will be tempted to click over to social media or email which will only take you off course for achieving the focus that is needed.
  • Creating – Another way that I go about filling my cup is by practicing my creativity in areas outside of my work. For me that area is photography…it is truly a space that can explore my own creativity which in turn helps to widen my creative thinking in my everyday work. For you your creative outlet might be writing poetry, cooking, woodworking…find something that allows you to explore and enjoy your creativity.


All of these things (reading, thinking, and creating) work together to help me generate ideas for this blog, think differently about issues I am trying to solve at work and be able to make a difference in the lives of my team. What are you doing to fill your cup?


Here’s this week’s 5 for 5:


Why Walking Helps Us Think – by Farris Jabr – via the New Yorker


SO WHAT: As stated in the article, there are many benefits beyond the obvious physical health benefits to walking. None the least of which, is the freedom to get away from your desk to enable your self to think without distractions that are rampant while sitting at your desk.

Tags: Focus, Ideas


A Speech Is Not an Essay – by John Coleman – via Harvard Business Review


SO WHAT: A great basic overview on delivering speeches. It is more than just not reading your slides. It is truly about the story you need to tell……not the one you need to read from in a presentation.

Tags: Presentation


4 tips to help leaders communicate during a crisis – by Jennifer Miller – via the SmartBlog on Leadership


SO WHAT: In a crisis, if you don’t remember anything else…….Remember, BE  TIMELY. The author is absolutely right, the longer you wait to communicate, the more the rumor mill will be cranked up. Diffuse it by taking the communications high ground early.

Tags: Leadership


Want a Better Work/Life Balance? Treat Your Time like an Investment Portfolio – by Hamza Khan – via 99U


SO WHAT: The thing I enjoyed about this article is the recognition of hot spots in our lives, and really understanding how we are using our time to support that area or leave it in neglect.

Tags: Work-life


5 Simple Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Day – Stefan Pylarinos – via Life Hack


SO WHAT: In my endless quest to optimize my morning….here is another article with great tips on making each morning a great one.

Tags: Productivity


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  1. Kevin, Thanks for sharing the books you’re reading! I’m adding Do Disrupt.., and What Most Successful… to my list.

    Also, loved Khan’s thought approach to treating your time like an investment portfolio. And I think a great way to help take action on this is by creating and tracking “Dailies” – a list of things you want to accomplish personally and professionally every day. I just heard about this on a recent podcast, i think it was the Accidental Creative…and loved the idea. Creating a list of well-rounded dailies is a great start to putting Khan’s idea into practice.

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