5 for 5 – Turning 100 (posts that is…)

29 Mar

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Good morning everyone.

This is my 100th post on the 5 for 5 blog. When I started this back in July, I promised myself I would “try” to keep up with the blog for one year (mostly because of the sunk cost to buy a WordPress site and a PO box at the local post office).

But now, after 99 posts (35 blogs, 32 Mid Week Motivations, and 32 Friday Unwinds), here are some thoughts on what I have learned and creating:

  • Hitting “Publish” is still terrifying – Every post is a battle as to whether I am adding any value. For a moment before publishing any post, the fear of being seen as a spammer or as “not knowing what I am talking about” flows through my mind. But then I remember, that I am not writing for the “haters”; but instead, I write for everyone that opens the newsletters ever week, and those that like the posts on LinkedIn or Twitter…I keep publishing for those that I can share a little of my journey with.
  • Creating content is hard – Uugghh……writing is really hard. Trust me….I dawdle on Sunday afternoons. What really should be a 45 minute task turns into a few hours as I read articles and write the post portion. But it has been a great way for me to stretch my creativity both in writing and photography and ultimately has helped my creativity in other aspects of life, especially work.
  • Being consistent is even harder – When I was first thinking about starting a blog, I read up on some popular bloggers, and the key idea they shared was it wasn’t enough to produce content every once and while, you have to be consistent. So Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights I share updates as consistently as I can….which requires a repeating calendar reminder….and honestly can get tough when I travel, especially internationally. But so far, so good.
  • I enjoy the process, because I am learning too – Every week, reading sometimes dozens of articles and generating ideas to share helps me as much as anyone. The first person I write to encourage and inspire is me. The great part about all of our careers is that they are journeys not destinations. The fact that I get to share part of my journey keeps me coming back each week.

So, thanks to everyone that has followed me for the first 100 posts. Thank you also to many of you that have shared my posts, I truly appreciate it. I hope I can continue to inspire you in your own leadership, creativity, and thinking for many more posts to come….

Here’s this week’s 5 for 5 articles:

The Art of Not Quitting – by Tim Brown – via LinkedIn


SO WHAT: A very interesting article on the idea of regularly reinventing your role to promote your growth and contribution to your organization. Hint: you don’t have to be a CEO to do this.

Tags: Leadership, Creativity, Growth


“I hate green.” – by Mike Monteiro – via Medium


SO WHAT: Fantastic advice: “Your role is to be a problem-solver, not a people pleaser. So beware the urge to change your work simply because someone voices a displeasure.”

Tags: Creativity


Of course it’s difficult… – by Seth Godin – via @thisissethsblog


SO WHAT: The next time you have an opportunity to take on a difficult project, read this and raise your hand.

Tags: Leadership


A Formula to Stop You from Overcommitting Your Time – by Elizabeth Grace Saunders – via Harvard Business Review


SO WHAT: Get real about how much time you are spending versus what you want to spend each week.

Tags: Productivity


How Over-Thinking Kills Your Performance – by Gregory Ciotti – via Psychology Today


SO WHAT: Learn to quiet your mind to perform at your best.

Tags: Growth


All the best, kevin