5 for 5 – (Re)Start

5 Jan

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Good morning everyone.

It is great to be back after a little break…I had a great, and busy, vacation. It was nice to be able to hang out with my family through the holidays and I was able to sneak in some time to read a few books, but I’ll save that for another post.

Just a quick thought as you are one week into resolutions and likely doing some 2015 planning…..give yourself a clean sheet of paper. If you have spent time reflecting on 2014, turn the page and give yourself a clean sheet of paper. Give yourself permission to start new projects, change habits, and make a difference in new ways

Please understand, I am not suggesting to forget what you have learned. There is a difference between learning and bringing last year’s baggage on this year’s trip. Learning is about getting better. Baggage just weighs you down with regret or perhaps overconfidence.

We need you to be dreaming big…to build new relationships …to show up a keep making a difference. Grab that clean sheet of paper and go start something amazing!

I hope this next year will be your best yet. Here is this week’s 5 for 5 articles:

How to Reclaim More Than 1,300 Minutes Each Week – By Alex Cavoulacos – via The Muse


SO WHAT: If making better use of your time is a key change you want to make in 2015, starting with a time budget is a great idea.

Tags: Productivity


4 Questions Every Leader Needs to Answer – by Mark Sanborn – via MarkSanborn.com


SO WHAT: This is the perfect time to reflect on these questions….please review in the order he asks them. Question #1 is the most critical.

Tags: Leadership


Amazon Staff Meetings: “No Powerpoint” – by Conor Neill – via ConorNeill.com


SO WHAT: WOW…..a fascinating approach to meetings…This would give your audience a great chance to absorb the material and

Tags: Communication


Why Career Development And Advancement Aren’t The Same Thing – by Art Markman – via Fast Company


SO WHAT: You need to steer the course of your career. Do not wait for someone to hand you a nicely wrapped package labeled “Your CAREER”. Take this advice to heart and build it into our 2015 development plans.

Tags: Career


Four Tips On Creativity From Bill Watterson, Creator Of ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ – by Jillian Wong – via Design Taxi


SO WHAT: “You have to lose yourself in your work.”  <- Love this!

Tags: Creativity

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