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27 Jul





Good morning everyone.


This past week has been especially crazy one that wrapped up Friday with a chance to attend my cousin’s wedding over in St. Joseph, Michigan. We decided not to go to the reception, and rather than try to drive all the way back to Chicago, stuck  around and made that night a mini vacation. We tried a new restaurant, we had a chance to swim at the hotel and then, kind of on a whim we decided to head back into town to explore the shops. Ultimately, while we did find some neat shops we had a really great time exploring the area. We caught a great sunset, rode on a carousel and walked on the beach for a while. All in, we had an amazing time.


Now while I wouldn’t necessarily classify our time Friday night as an adventure, we certainly we out exploring. As I look back on Friday, some of the elements that really stuck out were:

  • We had no agenda – no time limits – no schedule (at least self imposed limits)
  • I was with people I cared about – there is something to be said for solo expeditions, but exploring with people creates memories
  • We were disconnected – in hindsight, thank you St. Joe’s for having awful cell phone service.
  • We went looking for one thing but found much more


I so thoroughly enjoyed Friday night that I spent the entire three hour drive home asking myself why wasn’t this a more regular occurrence, at least for me (remember rule #1 of the 5 for 5 blog, I am always writing this to myself first). Is this something exclusively reserved for a vacation or is it because we get so knotted up in “what needs to be done” that we de-prioritize , rationalize (no ROI, or no time) or refuse to give ourselves permission to explore.


But that is exactly what we need to do…give ourselves a little bit of permission to explore….what could that do in our jobs and our personal lives? What problem can you pull a group of team members or friends together and tackle together? Will you allow yourself to focus? May be you will even discover something else you didn’t exactly start out searching for…….


What do think….what holds you back? Any great stories from your exploring? Any suggestions that have worked for you? What will you plan to explore? A new city? A great book? A concert? Drop me a note in the comments.


Good luck….now go earn your explorer merit badges!  J


Here’s this week’s 5 for 5:


Hater-Proof Your Ideas before Pitching – by Tanner Christensen – via 99u


So what: People wrestle constantly with the idea of whether ideas are ready to be shared. This article offers practical questions to consider. But don’t get bogged down in analysis. To the author’s point, have you prototyped your idea? How will you scale it?

Tags: Persuasion, 99u


Keep Time and Emotion from Killing a Negotiation – by Anthony Tjan – via HBR


So what: We have probably all heard “Never negotiate under time pressure nor when emotions are present.” This article has solid advice for remembering exactly what common goal you set out to achieve. The key….play this out in advance and be ready for a changing scenario.

Tags: Negotiations, HBR


The Myth of Passion and Motivation: How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals – by James Clear – via Buffer


So what: A very interesting article with a great example about what separates the best athletes. I have heard GRIT defined as Passion + Perseverence and I believe that is exactly what this article is describing. And it is a great tool to have in your personal capability arsenal.

Tags: Perseverance, Grit, Buffer


10 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Smarter – by Jessica Stillman – via Inc.


So what: Great suggestions. Try one this week. #8 sure sounds like exploring. 😉

Tags: Personal-development, Inc


I Admit It. I Have No Idea What I’m Doing. (And That’s a Good Thing.) – by Joel Gascoigne – via Entrepreneur


So what: An excellent point on being an expert. I also appreciate his counter point at the end. A thought provoking ready. Question: How do you achieve keeping open mind?

Tags: Knowledge, Expertise, Entrepreneur


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2 thoughts on “5 for 5 – Permission to Explore

  1. You know me, I’m all for exploring!
    While I love traveling and exploring with friends and loved ones, I’ve found that when you travel solo, you meet more people and explore more widely than you would traveling with another person. I’ve met amazing people in my journeys that have taught me a ridiculous amount about life and the human condition. It’s important to try new things and explore places you haven’t been or do things that you haven’t experienced.
    I believe that you find your true self when you travel, explore and go places (physically and metaphorically) that you haven’t been before.

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