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2 Feb



Good morning everyone.

I LOVE mornings. I have always been more of a morning person…..I get up typically before anyone else in my house and I relish the quiet time. One problem though: my morning schedule is very loose, which often means I realize, only too late, that I meant to leave 15 minutes earlier, and ultimately running late for a meeting or just feeling behind the whole day.

So recently I read (and finally took notes) on a book by Laura Vanderkam called” What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast”. The book is actually broken into three parts: what the most successful people do before breakfast, on weekends, and at work. Another book I highly recommend….and given that it is a collection of posts for many online magazines she has written for, it is a very easy (and short) to read book (http://www.amazon.com/What-Successful-People-Before-Breakfast/dp/1591846692/ref=sr_1_1_twi_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1422838828&sr=8-1&keywords=what+the+most+successful+people+do+before+breakfast).

In the book, she shares a great plan to help you make over your mornings:

  1. Track your time – this was my biggest problem…….by not allocating time for the things I wanted to do, I would dawdle either reading email or making breakfast and then not get around to working out or reading. To help you track your time she provides a free spreadsheet you can use…just visit: lauravanderkam.com/books/168-hours/manage-you-time
  2. Picture your perfect morning – this was not as hard for me, because there were many things I was hoping to accomplish, but the challenge really was…
  3. Think through the logistics – This is where the discipline came in…….one thing I changed immediately was getting up 30 minutes earlier as well as having my clothes ready for the next day, which was always a time drain as I was getting ready
  4. Build the habit – Not unlike our post from last week (http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-blog-making-new-changes-stick-part-3-building-habits/), our brains ultimately get exhausted making decisions, the more you can build your morning routine into a series of habits, the better.
  5. Tune up as necessary – For me, I continue to make little tweaks and improvements. Now that I have started seeing the benefits of the changes, I am finding other smaller ways to keep re-making my mornings.


Here’s this week’s 5 for 5:

Eleven Ways to Surprise People with Your Out of Office Email – by Niclas Hulting – via Medium


SO WHAT: This is so great, it almost doesn’t need a “SO WHAT”. Too mad more work environments wouldn’t find the upside of this…*sigh*

Tags: Fun, Creativity


The Surprising And Powerful Links Between Posture and Mood – Vivian Giang – via Fast Company


SO WHAT: Call your mom, right now, and tell her she was right. You need to “sit up straight”.

Tags: Atttitude


The Right Way to Do a SWOT Analysis – by Paul Schoemaker – via INC.


SO WHAT: A great explanation (with tips) to make this key piece of strategic planning effective.

Tags: Strategy


Any Value Proposition Hinges on the Answer to One Question – by Frank Cespedes – via Harvard Business Review


SO WHAT: Thought provoking article that fits in well with Roger Martin’s “Playing to Win”. Will you choose cost or differentiation?

Tags: Strategy


Advice or criticism? – by Seth Godin – via @thisissethsblog


SO WHAT: Don’t mistake these two…and don’t miss the advice: try it on.

Tags: Development, Growth


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