5 for 5 – Let’s Get Started – My “Why”

20 Jul

Good morning, all.

So here it is….I am finally starting the blog I have been talking about for 3 years. To my friends and team members that I have been blogging for recently, hopefully this is not too much of a surprise.

We will discuss why your “Why” is important in future posts, but for now mine is absolutely to sow seeds that will inspire you. I truly believe all of us are gifted with leadership capability, creative ability, and many skills that our businesses, our families, and our worlds need now. The inspiration you find in this blog I hope will be a catalyst as you discover, learn, and grow into your own potential be applying many of the ideas that will be shared here to make a difference for those around you, and yourself!

The inside secret though is that I am still learning myself…often the content I am sharing has inspired me first! But I need your help here…I need you to do something with what you read here…inspiration is great, but don’t let be just a nice warm feeling. Just as I’m challenging myself to put these ideas into practice, even just one or two things per week, I need you do to the same. Because you will become an inspiration to those around you when they see you changing habits, sharing big ideas, and making a difference.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.


Here’s this week’s 5 for 5:

I don’t have any good ideas – by Seth Godin – via @thisissethsblog


So what: Not sure I could have picked a better article for my first post. There is a Henry Ford quote that says “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t you are probably right.” The same applies to great ideas.

Tags: Ideas, Creativity


The 5 Basic Story Plots: How to Master Storytelling to Drive Success – by Sam McNerney – via 250 words


So what: In a world, where we have to use story to influence people to commit resources, knowing what type of story you are trying to tell is critical. For example, when we had a supplier threatening our business last year, we told both the Quest and Revenge stories to key stakeholders to communicate urgency and the threat.

Tags: Storytelling, Influence


Get Your Brain Unstuck – by Ron Friedman – via Harvard Business Review


So what: Most people are in the creative thinking business now. As Todd Henry says in “The Accidental Creative”, “If you are solving problems, you are a creative”. This is great advice about getting unstuck; I especially like the switching tasks idea. It can be very effective rather than trying to power through as the author explains.

Tags: Creativity


How to Come Back to Work After a Vacation Without Being Miserable – by Laura Vanderkam – via Fast Company


So what: Great advice for this time of the year…..pick something and try this out. Note to leaders: Please do not tell people to disconnect during their vacations and either not do that yourself (i.e. be a poor example) or actually contact them for something sort of the end of the world. Let your words equal your actions. If you want people to disconnect, give them some air cover and don’t call them. Also, try to lead by example and show your people you trust them!

Tags: Vacation, Leadership


Three Quick Ways to Improve  Your Strategy-Maiking – by Roger Martin – via Harvard Business Review


So what: A good reminder of what strategy is and is not. The five questions presented in “Playing to Win” need to be in constant review.

Tags: Strategy


All the best,



8 thoughts on “5 for 5 – Let’s Get Started – My “Why”

  1. So excited to see this blog up and running!! Thank you Kevin, in advance, for the positive impact you will have on so many lives with this blog 🙂


    • Thanks Brooke. I am very excited about the potential. I have already started sharing it with some people outside MSI. I just posted an “About 5 for 5” on the home page, I would really appreciate your feedback.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Onwards and Upwards as the English would say ! 🙂

    Looking forward to continuing to read more of your blogs


    • Thanks a million Vivek…I’m definitely on the hook to keep up with this!!! I am very excited about staying connected with all of my freinds, regardless of where they are going….and I hope to reach a lot more. 🙂

  3. Great blog Kevin. Going to be wonderful to read and watch you move forward. You are filled with good things to share. Hugs… BG

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