5 for 5 blog – What to do with cloudy days?

3 Nov



Good morning everyone.

One of my favorite things to do in the world is photography. As I was learning about techniques and tips, one of the most important lessons I learned was one of the most counter-intuitive: cloudy days are your friends, particularly if you are shooting portraits. What? It’s true. Most people believe that you need bright sunlight to take great shots, when in fact bright light can cast unflattering shadows on the face of the people you want to make look good. Clouds on the other hand create a natural diffuser, evenly dispersing light and making overall better pictures. In effect, when I see a cloudy day in the forecast, I run for my camera….I can see the opportunity.

The “SO WHAT” here is that the same applies in our careers. I was reminded about this as I was having coffee with a friend last week. He is part of a company that was recently divested and sold to another company, creating uncertainty as organizations look to merge and find “synergies”. Given all of this, most people would be reasonably nervous, but my friend’s response was a pleasant surprise. He said, given that he had no control over how the long term staffing decisions would be made, he chose to focus on learning and growing in this time rather than worrying about factors outside his control. WOW. It is a truly amazing attitude and one that will likely help him succeed in the new business.

It all comes down to choice and learning to see the opportunities when the clouds gather. Some just see clouds as an obstacle, even though they have no control of them. A few people can see the opportunity in the situation and choose to make something amazing from it!

To my friend, I am very proud of you and wish you all the best. To everyone, learn to love the clouds.


Here’s this week’s 5 for 5:

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SO WHAT: It is difficult to balance risk and comfort. This is an article that will challenge you to think about an important creative project that you really need to start.

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David Kelley on Designing Curious Employees – by Kermit Pattison – via Fast Company


SO WHAT: “Leadership  is….building empathy for those you’re entrusted to help.” A great read on building teams.

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How to Plan Your Week for Maximum Impact – by Lily Herman – via The Muse


SO WHAT: An interesting take on planning your week: themes.

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14 Public Speaking Tips – by Lauren Mathews – by Leadercast


SO WHAT: There is probably no better resource for talking about the topic of public speaking. Great tips for anyone that has to present in front of an audience.

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