5 for 5 blog – What meeting do you want to be invited to?

19 Sep

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This week I was in an interesting conversation with a peer. Both of us are trying to move our teams from the conventional support we have historically provided to the business to positions of far greater value.

Which brought me to a question: “What meetings do I want to be invited to?” Not just to be a wallflower and hear about what’s going on, but be a contributing member because you can make a difference.

I have been wrestling with this question a lot this year. If we have much more to off and without abdicating our current to the business, why not over-deliver and share the material we are not only capable of but additional information to add value and tell a broader story. And if we could do this, would it open the doors to additional conversations, collaborations, and considerations for the meetings you need to really be in.

So be prepared. Do your research. Share bravely. Give because you can and because you care in helping the customers and the business.

If you are still not being invited to the meeting where you can add value….remember, you can call the meeting too. As Seth Godin say, don’t wait to be picked. Be bold and start sharing. It is never too early if you can make a difference.

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