5 for 5 blog – To the whistle…or through the whistle

16 Jan


Working out is tough enough. But adding new routines, especially circuit training can be a challenge.

Recently I added a crazy circuit called the “30 second light weight lean out” from Men’s Health (https://youtu.be/UcX9OcJDQy4). Want to spend more time in the cardio and fat burning zones…give this one a try.

But what I began to notice is that during each exercise, because I am using a timer that counts down the last three seconds, that I would be slowing up at the end. As I became more aware of this and pushed myself to go through the full count that I could get another 1-2 reps in by just pushing through the end.

By pushing myself to go through the whistle, I was getting more done physically and was satisfied mentally that I went as hard and as far as I could. Can the same be said for our work? Do we do just enough to complete a project or do we push ourselves and our teams to deliver the best possible work and ultimately walk away satisfied that given the work their best effort?

This is incredibly difficult in today’s volatile environment. New requests come in constantly. The question isn’t necessarily whether you can push every single project through the whistle, but is your culture one focused on the customer and making a difference for them so that your intent and work’s default is to do that? Can you deliver a project or initiative that will delight and even add additional value that wasn’t expected?

Rather than rationalize whether or not it is ok to only cruise to the whistle, set the standard that every opportunity, every request, every new business opportunity will be pursued through the whistle and watch for the results your team can deliver. Pushing for two extra reps when you are exhausted isn’t easy…neither is building a culture focused on making a difference. But both are worth it in the long run.

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all the best, kevin