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8 Mar



Good morning everyone.

Last week’s 5for5 shared the idea that leaders need believers to help drive transformation (http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-blog-leading-a-big-change-why-you-need-believers-not-followers/). And as I was reflecting about the idea of believers this week, I thought about how we are given a gift when leaders or mentors “believe” in us.

And while I follow the Seth Godin idea of “pick yourself”, when a leader or mentor believes in you, it can truly be a catalyst in your career, if we will embrace it. Belief is another way of saying “I trust you” or even “I see the potential in you” even though we may not understand it ourselves. It is a belief…a belief that we can do something big!

I am incredibly grateful that in my own career, that there have many people who believed in me. From bosses (Dave Maxwell, Steve Milligan, Dave Beutow, KS Lee and Rich Valin) to external friends and colleagues (Dave Thielman, Dave Rider, and Kevin Garber) and importantly my family (John and Nancy Wise and most definitely Kristen Wise), each has left an imprint on me that I hope I can honor as I continue to grow as a leader. I will never take for granted the belief that they, and many others, have had and continue to have in me.

So leaders, who on your team needs to hear that you “believe” in them? What experiences and education can you pass on that will be personal or career rocket fuel for them? Don’t hold back, it may be just confirmation they need to hear.

Here’s this week’s 5 for 5:

Simplicity In 8 Easy Steps – by Pamela McClinton – via Leadercast


SO WHAT: Recondition, #5, really strikes a chord with me. Find that those times where I can be at my best as well as realizing where I cannot and bringing talented people around me who can do better work.

Tags: Leadership


How Reading Transforms Us – by Keith Oatley and Maja Djikic – via NY Times


SO WHAT: Reading can truly shape our emotions.

Tags: Growth


Cognitive Exhaustion: Resting Your Mental Muscle – by Shane Parrish – via Farnam Street Blog


SO WHAT: Resting our minds is critical. Getting out in nature provide the optimal rest to the cognitive overloads many of us feel.

Tags: Mindfulness


What To Do When Life Sucks – by Dave Radparvar – via Holstee


SO WHAT: A worthwhile idea to focus on your breathing to regain focus and balance.

Tags: Mindfulness


Reid Hoffman’s Two Rules for Strategy Decisions – by Ben Casnocha – via Harvard Business Review


SO WHAT: Wonderful insight boiled down to the ideas of speed and simplicity.

Tags: Strategy


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