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2 May

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One of my favorite quotes, that inspires and challenges me is:

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. – Edmund Burke

We so often think we need to wait for something “BIG” to take action or grow. A BIG negotiation. The BIG meeting. The BIG job offer. But we can get so consumed with waiting for our BIG opportunity that we miss the potential of small steps.

  • Small steps are about growing – As we have shared on the blog before, people with a growth mindset are always looking at how they can learn. Taking small steps, getting a little better each today means you have many opportunities to learn from.
  • Small steps don’t require perfection – In fact, small steps allow for exploring and prototyping new practices and habits, which means sometimes we will fail. And because we have a growth mindset means we can learn from every experience.
  • Small steps build confidence and momentum – As we learn from each engagement and each encounter, and yes, each failure, we build confidence and momentum to try even bigger steps.

So what you may ask? Well, I would argue the person committed to consistently growing, trying new things, and exploring will be more prepared when that certain “BIG” opportunity does arrive than the person that has been waiting their turn to be picked.

As the header picture says:

Sometimes our only means of transportation is a leap of faith.

That’s great, but the other 99.5% of the time take small steps, make a little progress, get 5% better….whatever you do keep moving forward.

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all the best, kevin