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9 Jan


Happy 2017!!!

By now, most everyone has poured through the latest blogs, podcasts, and articles on making change in the new year. Heck, if you process those you probably realize you have given up on a resolution or two by this point.

I am very much less hung up on resolutions (see last year’s post: http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-blog-its-not-called-happy-same-year/). The thing I learned last year was more about finding little changes (little “tries”) that bring big joy….and then sharing that with others. For me, trying things is part of challenging myself as a leader and creative….and practicing what I preach on this blog. The idea is that you are far more likely to try and try at something that will bring you joy, which will in turn give you confidence to try other things.

Let me explain:

Last year, a few friends and I got together and wondered what would have to be true to host lunch and learn forums and share topics of interest with our co-workers. Each of us were passionate about a topic (me: design thinking and creativity, Eva: leadership, Jackie: emotional intelligence). We thought we would give it a try and have a go at it for one year. We held three talks, average attendance was 35-40 people, and we got great feedback. Total cost: lunch for 40 (~$300), post-it’s and pens ($40), poster board ($10). Actual out of pocket cost $) as we were able to expense it. Our formula: take an idea you love; learn, read, and research; share it freely; rinse and repeat. There was no reali downside if the whole thing had flopped, but our guiding principal is that it would help us get better at hosting and presenting as well as allowing our audience to learn about a new topic they would apply in their career.

So later in the summer, I tried a more personal experiment: cold brewing coffee. As I mentioned above, I write a lot about making change and trying things out. So one weekend, I blocked some time to research the cold brewing process. Given the fact that I love coffee (except decaf, #neverdecaf), I thought why not give it a try. After a few hours of watching you tube videos and reading several blogs I thought I would give it a go. My investment: 1 pound, coarsely ground coffee (I chose a Columbian, a lighter roast, to begin, although I have switched to darker roasts lately) = $10, two 1 quart mason jars (we already had a cupboard full) = $0 (if you do have to buy them check Hobby Lobby, they have them for $2/ each) and coffee filters ($5 for a 100 pack). And while my home cold brew is no Stumptown, yet, it turned out great. Formula for change: an idea sparked my interest; I learn all about it; I tried it out it brought me joy; I shared it with family and friends.

So as you are thinking about the changes you want to make this year, personally or in your career, after you try out the “5 guaranteed methods backed by science to help you stick with your new year’s resolutions”, may be find a little something that might bring you joy, try it out, and then share it.

By the way, small joys, I am considering are:  relearning cursive, studying how to make a time lapse photo, and storytelling in business and social media.

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All the best, kevin