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5 Jun


Most of us grew up being told by our parents or teachers that “Sharing is caring”.

In today’s knowledge economy, this truth is more relevant than ever. Unfortunately, that idea of caring has been clouded by more focus on “me” than “we”. In knowledge work, sharing is a core enabler of innovation, creativity, speed, and much more.

If you are a leader that cares about building a sharing culture, here are a few things that “Sharing is…” and a few of what :Sharing is not….”

Sharing is…a willingness to be vulnerable

Somewhere along the time of our grade school education we learn that raising your hand and offering the wrong answer can bring laughter and ridicule. Sharing an article, writing a post, or creating a video means opening yourself up to the idea that people will not like and openly reject your idea. But Sharing is also the way to reach someone who may need to hear, read, or see exactly that information at that time. The goal isn’t necessarily to help the masses…..the greatest impact your sharing may have is with just one person.

Sharing is…saying “I am still learning too”

We need to lose the myth of the know-it-all leader. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked for some amazingly brilliant people. But at the rate of change we are seeing in the world today, you would literally need a second full time job to keep up with all of the new information. This goes for all levels in the organization, especially the leader. Sharing is a way to help grow faster.

Sharing is…leadership

One of John Maxwell’s famous sayings is “Leaders are meant to be rivers and not reservoirs”. When it comes to sharing, leaders need to model the way. If the goal is to build a culture of knowledge sharing leaders go first. If you are not sure where to start here are a few prompts you can use to begin:

  • “I learned this…”
  • “I failed here…”
  • “Someone shared this with me…”

Sharing is not… about likes, retweets, shares, or ROI

If the only reason you are sharing is to get the little Dopamine hits with each like or share, please evaluate your motives. If you are only in it for self-gratification, people will smell that coming a mile away. Be genuine and open about your sharing. Be consistent and transparent. Be the model you hope to see in others.

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All the best, kevin

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