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28 Sep


Good morning everyone.

I was reminded this past week, that a trap of leadership can be target fixation. Perhaps you are drawn into a specific issue or there is an associate that really needs your coaching. Either way, while the singular area of your focus is ideally resolved, you hope other areas are still performing well.

There is great importance in backing way up and seeing how the whole team is performing. Just like a band leader would not focus their attention solely on a single trumpet player for an entire performance, neither can we as leaders miss the opportunity to see the entire ensemble of team members and how they are operating.

I liken the idea of getting perspective to a marching band director. In college, the director of our marching band would stand atop a platform and could see the entire sea of individuals as they would practice. It is an amazing vantage point to take in the interactions of the team, especially given the complexity of the programs they would put on each week at games.

As leaders, while we need to be able to switch between issues, our ability to gain perspective and see the gaps and the collaboration can help ensure our team stay connected and aligned with the mission of the organization. And often you will find new collaboration, process innovation, and new business engagements happening organically that you find and can take back to help raise the level of the whole team.

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