5 for 5 blog: Preparation + Passion + Packaging = Powerful Presentation

8 Jun


Good morning.

A little over a week ago, a colleague and myself had a chance to present some key new ideas we were bring to our organization to help transform our impact and make a difference in the company’s growth objectives. In the last week, I also had a chance to meet with a client, for whom I will be photographing an important family event.

Having a chance to reflect on both of these meetings, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on generating presentations that move people. As I looked back on it, there were three things I focused on:

  • Preparation – More so than many of my regularly scheduled presentation, such as an operations review, thorough preparation was not only key, but demanded to make the presentation impactful. I say demanded, in that I demanded it of myself. I was to present to the executives of the company of behalf of my entire organization. All of their hard work was riding on the thirty minutes I had to project those ideas. It is our duty as the leaders of our teams to represent them well. Knowing your material inside and out, and practicing the speaking portions ahead of time are crucial.
  • Passion – In both meetings, I am particularly passionate about the topics I was sharing. Passion is the “extra oomph” your presentations need to add emotion and drive home a point. Passion can come through in the way of stories or the rhythm in which you share the details. Passion helps a well prepared presentation from falling flat….the same way preparation helps a passionate speech sound too much like a dream and not a strategy.
  • Packaging – Know your audience. Keep your material visually clean and let your talking fill in the key details. I have seen too many people get up in front of senior leaders with slides that are completely covered top to bottom and left to right with words. Remember, your audience will read first and listen second, if they spend two minutes reading, they may miss out on a crucial detail you are trying to pass along verbally. The way I think of it is senior leaders are like 4 year olds…..bright colors and big fonts will keep their attention.

These ideas along with some of the articles in this week’s post below should help you build presentations you will not only be proud of, but will have the confidence to present your ideas and influence your audience to take action.

Here’s this week’s 5 for 5 articles:

How to be Courageous – by Susan Cain – via the Quiet Revolution


SO WHAT: This article was one of the best things I read all week. Similar to a post from a few week’s ago (http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-blog-moms-best-advice-be-brave/) this post is encouraging us to choose bravery…especially those of us that tend towards being quiet or introverted. A wonderful read. Please consider reading the book “Quiet” by Susan Cain and following her Quiet Revolution at: http://www.quietrev.com/

Tags: Leadership, Bravery


The Guaranteed Best Way to Get Over Your Fear – by Betty Liu – via INC


SO WHAT: People will never change until the fear of staying the same is greater than the fear of changing.

Tags: Change, Bravery, Fear


My 2015 List of 100 Dreams – by Laura Vanderkam – via lauravanderkam.com


SO WHAT: I love this idea…so what are we waiting for…….can you write out 100? Then do it. Only get to 50? Don’t judge yourself……..50 is way better than 0. I am writing mine this week.

Tags: Dreams, Living


Marketing to the organization – by Seth Godin – via @thisisethsblog


SO WHAT: Pair with this week’s 5 for 5 blog post, this article has great questions to challenge yourself with to see if you will really make an impact with your message.

Tags: Leadership


Get Buy-In for Your Crazy Idea – by David Burkus – via Harvard Business Review


SO WHAT: Five principles that need to be embraced for your ideas to get the buy in you need to move them ahead.

Tags: Influence.


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