5 for 5 blog – Origin Stories

5 Sep


We love origin stories. We love seeing where the superstar or athlete grew up and how that time and people shaped them.

For me, the pivotal time that I go back to is a simple invitation to hear someone speak on the topic of leadership 15 years ago. Well, it wasn’t just a someone, it was John Maxwell and the event was a stop on his book tour for one of his most popular releases “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. That one opportunity sparked a hunger to learn about as much about leadership through books, blogs and CD’S (yes, this was before podcasts) as I could. And as I was diving deeply into the idea of what it meant to be a leader, I came across a book that changed my perspective forever.

The book was called “The Success Journey”, which has since been re-released a couple of times, most recently as “3 Things Successful People Do”. And while I picked up this book with a selfish notion of looking for some formula to be financially successful ended with a simple idea: Leaders are meant to sow seeds in others so that they can be successful too. No promises to make millions of dollars, no guarantee of becoming CEO of a huge company. No, just an idea that we are to give away our knowledge, our experiences, and our energy to help those whose careers we are entrusted with.

When I have a bumpy week, I often go back “there”…..to that idea that got me out of the idea that leadership was about me and gave me a fresh view that enabling others was the true measure of a leader. I am reading the book again over this long weekend. And the message resonates with me today as it did all those years ago: give your team the very best…that is your legacy, to help people be the best version of themselves, to leave them better for having worked with you.

What is your origin story? What are the events or who are the people that you look to that shaped who you are today?

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all the best, kevin