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1 Jun



Good morning everyone.

This is the end of two very busy weeks for me. And I just wanted to pass along a thought, something I have shared in other posts before: we have a choice to slow down.

As we were just getting home from being gone all weekend at a wedding, my wife mentioned if perhaps we could have a small fire and make some smores. Given that it was Sunday evening, my mind was already shifting into work mode. I needed to mow the lawn. There were pictures to be downloaded, and uploaded, from my camera. I had two blogs to write. My first reaction was to pass on the idea saying that I had too much to do.

As I walked away, I began thinking about the choice that I had just made. A choice to run around like crazy on a Sunday evening, was not going to help me unwind from the crazy long drive we had just gotten back from. It certainly make my family feel valued as my kids go into their last week of school. And it certainly wasn’t going to help me clear my mind ahead of a critical week at work.

Fortunately, I gave myself a “do over”, which was much more about caring for my family and myself. We roasted marshmallows, some of which looked more like meteorites. Choosing slow, versus crazy, worked out much better. I am still writing the blog, certainly a little later, but in a much better frame of mind.

As one of the articles in this week’s 5 for 5 list suggests, we need to choose to give ourselves time off to recoup and re-energize. I hope for someone that might read this blog and the articles below, that you would consider how you might prioritize a little more “slow” in your own life.

Here’s this week’s 5 for 5 articles:

The Key To Creative Insight Can Be Simpler Than You Think – by Eric Jaffe – via Fast Company


SO WHAT: Stepping away from a problem you are trying to solve and allowing idea problem to percolate in the background may be just the thing you need, rather than continuing the bang your head against the challenge. Allow incubation to help you work things out.

Tags: Creativity, Problem Solving


How successful people work less—and get more done – by Travis Bradberry – via Quartz


SO WHAT: Take this fact to heart you so-called workaholics: “The study found that productivity per hour declines sharply when the workweek exceeds 50 hours, and productivity drops off so much after 55 hours that there’s no point in working any more.”

Tags: Productivity


Do What You Can, Ignore What You Can’t – by Todd Henry – via toddhenry.com


SO WHAT: As the author mentions, “to find our voice and have an impact, we need to begin to act, today, in small ways.” We must choose to do those things we are qualified for and let go of things we aren’t qualified for….

Tags: Leadership


To Spark Creativity, Pursue Happiness – by Stephanie Kaptein – via 99U


SO WHAT: Makes a ton of sense, right? So do it. Focus on happiness. If you do nothing else, read and apply the last paragraph.

Tags: Creativity, Stress, Happiness


How to improve your memory – by Drake Baer – via the World Economic Forum


SO WHAT: A few great tips for helping to improve your memory. “Spacing” is a technique I use when reading books and taking notes…..I will typically give between 2-3 months before I go back and take notes on a particular book.

Tags: Productivity


All the best, kevin