5 for 5 blog – Oh, Monday. I love you and I hate you.

21 Sep


Good morning everyone.

I wish I could say I totally love Mondays. I don’t. At least no more than anyone else.

However, other than not being able to sleep in an additional 30 minutes, most of reasons why we loathe Mondays lie within our control. The key to a good start on Monday, actually happens on Sunday (or Friday). It is about a choice to plan out your week…..you drive your week or your week will drive you. And while there are always unexpected things that drop in how much more effective can we be at managing those if we had the rest of our priorities laid out before we even hit the office.

One of my favorite authors on productivity, Laura Vanderkam, describes the need for planning in her book “What the Most Successful People Do before Breakfast” (Via Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/What-Successful-People-Before-Breakfast/dp/1591846692/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1442801711&sr=8-1&keywords=what+the+most+successful+people+do+before+breakfast):

“The reason to do this (planning the week ahead)on Sunday is if you wake up Monday morning without a plan, you can easily lose the day as you figure it out. You burn up willpower deciding, rather than driving in before your focus is lost.”

So here are four quick ideas I am looking to do to plan my week better:

  • Scour the Calendar – Especially if you lead teams, you owe it to your team members to keep important meetings with deliverables ahead of yourself and them. For this I would suggest, not looking just at the next week, but potentially at the next week plus another three. In looking at the immediate week, plug in a few important calls or meetings to move your own projects ahead.
  • Lay Out your Clothes – You probably think I am crazy, but back to the comment from Ms. Vanderkam about willpower. There are several studies now showing that our willpower in a day is finite. The more you use on trivial tasks the less you have for later. There is a reason Mark Zuckerberg wears effectively the same t-shirts over and over again; he understands this idea of reserving your willpower for important decisions. Does this mean you need to convert your work wardrobe to hoodies. No. But having your clothes planned for the week (especially after reviewing your calendar) will save you time and willpower.
  • Make Time for Learning – This is the most neglected aspect of most people’s planning. They focus on their attention on what “to do” but not about intentionally getting better. One of the key tenets of this blog is that we can learn from many different sources, but if we are not focused about scheduling it into our week, learning is the first thing to fall through the cracks.
  • Family/Friends Time – With two young kids, each with their own after school activities, I have had to (and need to still get better) at planning to be at their events. Or some days even just to be home right after school to help them tackle homework. In my team, we always say “Family comes first”, and I know I can do a whole lot better about planning for this.

As I sit here writing this week’s blog, I am taking a little of my own medicine. Scanning my calendar, finishing laundry, setting a few lunch appointments, and noting some nights I can be home early enough to dig into some homework with my kiddos.

Mondays don’t have to be the ultimate source of dread. A little bit of planning on Sunday night will go a long way in getting your week off on the right foot.

Do you plan out your week(s) ahead? Do you do it on Sundays or Fridays? Do you have a method that really works for you?

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All the best, kevin


One thought on “5 for 5 blog – Oh, Monday. I love you and I hate you.

  1. (An old song popped into my head……)
    I have Monday mornings off and don’t start work till 2p.m. which gives me time to prepare for the rest of the week.
    Sunday is a very bust day for me……as you can imagine. I kinda think of it as a “work” day. Even with the small tasks that I need to do, those are the things that I really need to consider the most or they will fall by the wayside. Thanks for the encouragement!

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