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5 Oct

fall books

Good morning everyone.

As we head into a fall, I wanted to refresh my reading list and fill you in on how I did with my summer challenge (http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-summer-readin-ill-need-to-read-fast/).

My fall reading list, while not “all new” titles are ones that I am keenly interested in and I’m hoping that will help me push through to get them all read by Christmas. Here’s my reading list:

Essentialism – By Greg McKeown

Drive – by Daniel Pink

Leadership Axioms – by Bill Hybels

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph– by Ryan Holiday

The other books I will be focusing on this fall are the ones I need to take notes on. As per the summer reading blog, you will remember that I read to learn and hopefully to teach and share the information later so I am always taking notes on the books I read. So here is my list of fall books to take notes on:

Do Disrupt – by Mark Shayler

Life After Art – by Mark Appling

Die Empty – by Todd Henry

Creativity Inc. – by Ed Catmull

So since I was mentioning some of my summer list above, this is how I did in accomplishing my goals:

Summer Reading:

  • Creativity Inc. – by Ed Catmull – COMPLETED
    • Quick thought: Amazing!!! Should be a must read for leaders of all levels. I loved the transparency on about the challenge to keep the organization’s soul intact.
  • Creating Magic – by Lee Cokrell – COMPLETED
    • Quick thought: A definitive resource on customer/client service.
  • Spark – by John Ratey – Not completed. 75% done.
    • Quick thought: Fascintating topics on how we can rewire our brains, even overcome illnesses through exercise.
  • The Myths of Creativity – by David Burkus – COMPLETED (bonus!!)
    • Quick thought: A wonderful book sharing the myths, but also the realities of creativity.

Summer Book – Note taking:

  • Tribes – by Seth Godin – COMPLETED
    • Quick thought: Amazing! I have already lent this book out. A wonderful manifesto on finding those people who believe what you believe and leading change.
  • Die Empty – by Todd Henry – not completed.
    • Quick thought: As mentioned above, I will get this one done in the fall.
  • Good to Great – by Jim Collins – COMPLETED
    • Quick thought: A great book (no pun intended) that should be standard reading. This book has so many good ideas, including many we have discussed on the blog (find your purpose, get the right people on the bus).
  • The Myths of Creativity – by David Burkus – COMPLETED (bonus!!)
    • Quick thought: Yup, this book was so good I read it AND took notes this summer as a bonus.

Thank you for reading all the way through…….I appreciate you letting me share. Creating these lists helps me to stay accountable to myself in terms of keeping up and not letting “busyness” get in the way, so I can keep learning and hopefully share with you!!!

Here’s this week’s 5 for 5 articles:

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All the best, kevin