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24 Aug



Good morning everyone.


I recently had a chance to  listen a great episode of the Entre Leadership podcast. This particular episode featured Bob Buford and Jim Collins, and they were discussing Peter Drucker’s impact on not managing but on both gentlemen through the mentorship he provided them. Specifically, Jim Collins said something that was quite profound and frankly I just can’t get out of my mind. He said,


“Teachers (Leaders) alter people’s vectors.”


If you visualize someone’s life as a vector heading off into space with direction and magnitude, small adjustments to that vector can set it off on a new path. The point he emphasized, is that initially, the change may not look like much at all, but over the course of a few years or a decade you can truly see how much that change has made a difference in the course of that person’s life. Not only that, but Collins also noted that because of that new vector, who knows how many additional people will be impacted by that person that you had a positive influence on…compounding the effect over and over and over.


To me this is a huge reassurance of why I started this blog years ago and why I will continue as long as I can, changing your vectors.


My challenge to you: No change, no positive influence is too small. Don’t wait for some huge event to make an impact. You may not immediately be able to see the impact, but over time it will grow!


Here’s this week’s 5 for 5:


5 Steps to Building a New Habit – by James Clear – via Entrepreneur


SO WHAT: Sorry that I keep posting about habits, it is reflection that I am searching for more ways to change my habits. My favorite is his first suggestion – start small. Developing a habit is about consistency…..if your goal is to runa marathon, you don’t go out for a 20 mile run the first week.

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Totally and completely out of my control – by Seth Godin – via @thisissethsblog


SO WHAT: A great reminder that while many things may appear out of our control, our attitude in dealing with them makes all the difference.

Tags: Attitude


What People Are Really Doing When They’re on a Conference Call – by Gretchen Gavett – via HBR


SO WHAT: Don’t miss the great tips for holding effective meetings, but mostly enjoy seeing the responses on what remote callers are really doing during conference calls. Ok….be honest, how many of those have you done on a call? J

Tags: Meetings, Productivity


This is Why Introverts Are Good Leaders – by Nicholas Garcia – via Lifehacker


SO WHAT: As an introvert myself, I really enjoyed this article. I have often found myself questioning whether I should jump into a conversation. I also actually really appreciated the note that introverts need alone time. My only advice is as introverts we do need to learn how to inject our points, even though we may never dominate conversation. If you are interested in reading more about this, I would HIGHLY recommend “Quiet” by Susan Cain.

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Tim Brown: How to Be a Creative Listener – by Stephanie Kaptein – via 99U


SO WHAT: One of the great skills any leader can develop is listening. And again not hearing, but truly listening. Pair this with the article on what people are really doing on your conference call. If you can truly listen and get people to listen to you, meetings would be much more effective.

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