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27 Oct

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Good morning everyone. During a recent trip, rather than bringing my typical book, I grabbed a copy of Wired Magazine at the airport. Frankly, I never got to the book I was planning to read. In fact two things things I wanted to share upfront:

  • This entire edition of the 5 for 5 blog are based on my takeaways, particularly from the “Design 2014” section
  • I would highly encourage anyone reading this, whether in a “design” related field or not, to pick up a copy

One point that I wanted to share that left a significant impact on my actually comes from the first article in this week’s 5 for 5, “BE WRONG”. And it was this statement that stopped me in my tracks:

“…none of these artists simply ignored the rules or refused to take time to learn them. No, you need to know the rules, really master their nuance and application, before you can break them.”

To me the idea that comes to my mind is craftsmanship, a truly deep understanding of the work you are doing so that you can as the article suggest, push the practice to new limits. I believe when we are honing your knowledge and expertise in an area, it allows you to see the playing field in new ways, so you know exactly where to explore new territory or tear down “status quo” processes.

I hope this article will be an encouragement to you:

  • If you are a young person, just starting your career, engage in the process of growth and learning; hone your craft.
  • If you are more experienced, and you can see the broader playing field, share your ideas; don’t keep the great opportunities locked away
  • If you are a leader, help the newer and more experienced people realize their own development and change opportunities


Here is this week’s 5 for 5

LESSON 13  BE WRONG (or “Why Getting It Wrong Is the Future of Design”) – by Scott Dadich – via Wired


SO WHAT: As mentioned in the article, when we bring something unexpected, breaking from the norm, we can really attract attention.

Tags: Creativity, Leadership


LESSON 2  BUILD A JOURNEY—NOT JUST A DESTINATION (or “The Redesign of Airbnb”) – by Cliff Kuang – via Wired


SO WHAT: Very interesting about how Airbnb effectively reinvented themselves from the rental business to the experience business.

Tags: Creativity, Leadership


LESSON 10  BIG CHANGE CAN START SMALL (or “Flying Economy”) – by Joseph Flaherty – via Wired


SO WHAT: This made me think about last week’s 5 for 5 blog (http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-big-change-small-change-5-ideas-to-begin-making-small-moves/). Virgin Atlantic combined several “small changes” to have a significant impact on savings and positive impact on employees.

Tags: Creativity, Leadership


LESSON 12  ABANDON YOUR ASSUMPTIONS (or “Prototyping the Future”) – by Kyle Vanhemert – via Wired


SO WHAT: An interesting story on how the New York Times’ R&D lab, broke from conventional wisdom to attempt new ways to engage with data and customers.

Tags: Creativity, Leadership


LESSON 4  PERFORMANCE IS IN THE DETAILS (or “A Fast Read”) – by Sara Breselor


SO WHAT: They say, “The devil is in the details”. This article rightly points out that when those details are done right, they elevate the overall experience for those we engage with; sometimes without them even knowing.

Tags: Creativity, Leadership


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