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14 Nov


Just 5 bags.

Every year, about this time, I am faced with the huge task of leaf abatement. I’m not talking about 3-4 bags. On average it is 50+ of the 30-gallon bags, which entails raking, bagging, and moving full bags from the far end of the back yard to the curb. Unfortunately in the past I have “experimented” with all sorts of procrastination.=

This year, I made myself a simple promise – just rake and load 5 bags.

That’s not so bad. Five bags is typically less than 30 minutes of work. I could do it during lunch one day while working from home. Heck, I even got my kids out to help based on the idea of 5 bags only.

The point is that too often we look at projects or challenges and think it is just too big. So we delay. Instead of making the choice to just start, we hold out for big incremental funding, or several additional headcount. The problem is that we miss the opportunity to begin making small progress in favor of waiting on lightning to strike.

One my favorite quotes in the whole world is:

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“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing, because he could only do a little”. – Edmund Burke

The challenge as leaders is to take the first step……just start. You can wait quarters if not years, for the big change that will allow you to solve the problems in front of you. Or you can begin with” just 5 bags”, learning and struggling, but always moving forward. Don’t wait.

Start now.

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All the best, kevin