5 for 5 blog – If I can just get through this week…

29 Aug

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  • If I could just get through this week.
  • If I could just get to Labor Day.
  • If I could just get through Monday.
  • If I could just get through the quarter.
  • If I could just get through budget season.
  • If I could just get through this meeting.
  • If I could just get through this trip.

Seems like there is always something we are trying to get through to get on to some event in the future. Sometimes those things are awesome: the birth of a child, the launch of a product, vacation…

But in my own career, I have found that often the idea of getting through is just enduring through something you don’t want to be doing: a meeting, a difficult conversation, a networking event….

The thing I have learned to ask myself when I find myself saying “If I could just get through…” is “What will I be missing?” The challenge is once we accept a “getting through” posture, we are often abdicating our focus on the present. We listen less, we focus on less, we process less. And without a commitment to the present, there are a lot of things we can miss:

  • We may miss learning a new strategy
  • We may miss an opportunity to add an idea to a conversation
  • We may miss the chance to share the good work of our team
  • We may miss a point to say “yes”….. or even “no”
  • We may miss the chance to share a kind word
  • We may miss the opportunity to stand up for something we believe in and make a difference

There is no doubt that our days, weeks, and months are filled with mind-numbing things that should be perfectly worthy of just “getting through”. And there are many events that by looking forward to those events will only enhance the experience by building anticipation. But the key I would challenge us, especially leaders, to ask is “What am I missing by just getting through?” Your team is counting on you to be fully prepared and fully there.

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all the best, kevin