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2 Nov


Good morning.

On a recent business trip, I had a chance to sit down, face-to-face, with one of my staff and have a long conversation about the future of the organization and some topics that I believed would be crucial to shaping it.

During the conversation about the team and some imminent changes, I was struck by an idea, “I hardly recognize this person anymore”…in a good way. This is a person, who over a year ago approached me about becoming a leader and we had the opportunity to put them into a role that allowed them to explore this next step in their development. The depth of their feedback and a clear passion for their team left me wondering if this was the same person I promoted in the last year? In fact, during the trip I repeatedly had people stop me to compliment this person on their growth and the perspective in terms of putting the business and their team first. It was inspiring to hear the feedback and then share it with this individual.

And the best part about this for me, is that I was nowhere in the discussion. It was truly all the accomplishment of this team member. Their passion to work hard, ask the right questions, and challenge the status quo had truly earned them the respect that I was hearing during my time with their peers.

All I did was put someone eager to be a “We” leader (reference last week’s post: http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-blog-me-or-we/) into the right role, spent time in 1:1 dialogs sowing seeds (reference: http://www.5for5blog.com/5-for-5-blog-sowing-seeds/) and then I trusted this person to do that work.

Sometimes it can be years before it “clicks” with people. Others blossom quickly when they are put in roles the compliment their capabilities and their desire to make a difference. But I believe if we focus on the three elements I mentioned above we can enable the growth new leaders need to shine:

  • Connecting “We” people with the right opportunities to lead
  • Coaching them through consistent communication and planting the seeds of leadership and creativity
  • Trust them (they need room to grow)

And again, while nothing happens quickly, our goal should be seeing people grow and transform into leaders who make a difference and especially leaders who will continue to pass on what they have learned.

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All the best, kevin