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9 Nov


Good morning everyone.

When was the last time you received something for free? I mean completely free of charge. Felt great, right? In a way it probably made you feel special, that somehow the giver had thought of you  specifically.

So, next question, when was the last time you did something for someone or group at work completely “free of charge”? I mean something that went above and beyond the person’s expectations. When was the last time you went deeper in an analysis to share insight that hadn’t been brought forward before? Or solved a problem before it became one….just because you could, or you were curious, or frustrated?

I have been thinking about this a lot in my own role. As we have talked about on the blog before, this can be a very busy time of year with budgets in full swing for the following year as well as closing out the current year solidly. The challenge I put to myself and my own team is how do we move beyond just reporting and really advise, teach, and question those that we have a chance to share updates and information with. Just “meeting expectations” of your audience won’t get it done. It takes an attitude committed to making a difference to go and find opportunities to share “free of charge” insight.

Sadly, I think many of us, including myself, let the trap of busyness hold us back from putting some of our best ideas and questions forward. But worse still, is when the best is held back because people are concerned they won’t be recognized for putting something extra out there. If you are worried about it, then why call it “free of charge”?

Yes, people may not appreciate the extra research or the new idea or the innovative insight that comes from wanting to make a difference with a “free of charge” pitch. But sometimes those ideas take time to sink in. Sometimes, an knowledgeable leader will file that info away and get back to you to understand more.

So what is the extra effort you could be putting into your projects, presentations, and programs to give your clients the “free of charge” insight and ideas?

NOTE: “Free of charge” should NEVER cover up an incomplete main project. If you haven’t done the original task, offering “free” ideas looks like you are trying to compensate. Don’t do it. Finish work you were assigned. “FOC” should build upon it only.

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