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22 Jun

fathers day

Good morning everyone.

For many, Father’s Day is about kicking back, grilling, and just chillaxing in general. And while I had a great day with my wife and kids, I spent a good portion of the early morning thinking about where, I could be getting better as a father.

In many ways, it is the same challenge we have as leaders: building up those entrusted to us,  enjoying the good times, but looking at how we can get better. My kids are constantly watching what I do; did I lose my cool or forget to do a chore. Being a leader is no different….our teams are constantly watching us…learning…growing. So in many ways, dads are the original continuous improvement leaders, and thank goodness for that because they help to show the way for the rest of us.

So here are five things I thought I could be doing a better job of as a dad and a leader:

  • Give more of my time. The more you rise in leadership the more you need to be generous with your time AND attention. Putting your phone on silent, turning your monitor to sleep mode and giving someone your full undivided attention is gold. Show your team the respect they deserve.
  • Give more of my creativity. Whether at work or home, I want my teams to understand my commitment to my creative development and that I value theirs as well. We cannot solve today’s problems with yesterday’s answers….we all need to exercise our creativity.
  • Give more of my appreciation. This is about heartfelt gratitude. I have written about this on the 5 for 5 blog before and there are truck loads of research showing that showing your team genuine gratitude is amazingly motivational.
  • Give more of my happiness. This doesn’t mean everything is sunshine and rainbows, but it also means that you can do more to keep your grumpiness to yourself. As I heard Bill Hybels say, “Speed of the leader; speed of the team.”
  • Give more of my love. Love may seem to extreme for the office. It certainly isn’t for my kids. I was talking to someone at a wedding yesterday and the quote came up “The days are long but the years are short.” Whether you call it love or simply showing you care for your team is foundational as a leader. Your team will deliver for you in spades if you show them you care and give purpose to their work.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there (especially my dad who is a regular reader of this blog). Equally, yet unofficially, Happy Leader’s Day (for those that may not be fathers). You can’t change the past; but you can control your very next action or comment…..start there.

What can you get better on as a leader in the next 6 months or year???

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SO WHAT: “The biggest cause of excellence is the story we tell ourselves about our work.”

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All the best, kevin


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