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12 Jun

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Same eight letters – two different words

These words elicit very opposite images to me…but this is exactly what we have to decide on each day:

To be creating

  • Not intimidated by constraints
  • See many ways to solve challenges
  • Practice empathy
  • Pick yourself (h/t Seth Godin)
  • Embraces uncertainty
  • Seek “both and” solutions
  • Believe you can affect your future

Or to be reacting

  • Frustrated by constraints
  • Seeking fastest way (which may not be the best) to solve challenges
  • Seek sympathy
  • Never seems to get picked
  • Focus on certainty
  • Race to “either or” solutions
  • Things just keep happening to you

I could list many more. And the point isn’t whether anyone is purely one or the other, but our approach, our attitude is our choice. Are you creating your agenda, your day, your strategy or reacting to everyone else.

Rather than being out of your control, as the leader you get to choose how to align these letters, which word will define your work, how you will make a difference.

Here are this week’s 5 for 5 articles:

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This Simple Formula Makes Highlighting Transferable Skills Easy – by Sara McCord

All the best, kevin

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