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5 Mar

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While we have written about anxiety and perseverance on the blog before, this week was a good reminder of how it doesn’t have to be a big thing that sidetracks you…sometimes it is a dozen little things.

I have several projects going on right now at various stages of development. And for a number of reasons, I gradually felt my anxiety level rising this week.

Early one morning, as I was trying to follow my own advice from this blog and be mindful, a thought popped into my mind:

Is my anxiety robbing me of my contentment?

The formal definition of contentment from the Merriam-Webster dictionary describes contentment as “a state of happiness and satisfaction”. To me, contentment is about feeling capable to rise to the challenges in my career and my life. Contentment is also about not allowing successes or failures to determine any current state, but rather to focus on learning from everything and constantly getting better. (Just a quick note, contentment is never complacency – in my view complacency is standing still, contentment is always getting better.)

Back to my random thought….we control our reaction to the challenges that come against us. If we are confident in our contentment, we can stand, and be clear minded in finding solutions and continuing the make a difference. And even if anxiety levels do rise, being grounded in contentment allows you to recenter, refocus, and restart.

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all the best, kevin