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21 Dec

christmas tree

Good morning and happy holidays.

Beyond generally loving this time of year, there is a very specific time and very specific place I love the most. It happens to be the 30-45 minutes just before my kids rush down the stairs on Christmas morning. I usually get up ahead of everyone else, start a pot of coffee, turn on the Christmas tree, starts a fire, and put on some quiet Christmas music.

As I sit there, in the peace and quiet, I soon become immersed, even overwhelmed, by a few things:

  • Peace and quiet – The things we crave so much in our day to day lives, bit seem unable to attain.
  • Gratitude – More so than Thanksgiving, in those moments, my mind floods with the many blessings from the year. Health. My family. The opportunities my career afford me.
  • Hope in what could be – I also find my mind drifting to what is possible looking ahead.

And while this time is brief (before all chaos ensues), it is my time. A time to be in the moment. But it is also a choice….. A choice that helps to put things in their right perspective. A choice to step back from the busyness of everything. A choice (and a time) that can be recreated, if we let it.

To the many people that have read the blog throughout the year, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Best wishes as I hope you can get some downtime to take in this past year and get ready for the new one. See you in 2016.

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All the best, kevin

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  1. 4 Counterintuitive Tricks That Can Make Anyone More Creative – by Laura Vanderkam – via Fact Company

    Oh my goodness…..love this! This I can do!

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