5 for 5 blog – A promise

31 Jan


(Disclaimer: This post does not endorse any products; it DOES endorse awesome and bold ideas)

Two weeks ago, I hopped on a train head into the city. Given the fact that I was a few minutes early, I had a chance to stop and grab a quick cup of coffee to wake me up on the hour and half ride. Given the excessive time en route, I began playing with and examining the empty cup, when I saw two words and part of a third that were not covered by the cardboard sleeve: “Our Barista Promise”.

Curious, I slid the sleeve down I had a chance to read the entire statement (captured in the picture for this post) which reads:

Our Barista PROMISE

Love your beverage or let us know.

We’ll always make it right.

Reading it, I was awestruck by the simple, yet bold idea presented. A promise. Right in your face, printed on the side of every cup leaving their stores. It wasn’t a “we’ll try our best” or “we’ll make it right if it isn’t a triple shot, soy, non-whip macchiato that costs ten bucks”. No it was a promise, actually two: You will love your beverage and they will make it right….ALWAYS.

Which led me to the question that has kept me awake every night and thinking each day,

When my clients and my peers see my product, WHAT PROMISE DO THEY SEE?

As the definition of a “promise” states, a declaration or assurance that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen…should all of our clients expect this. So regardless of whether you drink coffee or tea, as leaders, we all ought to be bold enough to put our promise to make a difference out there for our clients, our friends, and the world to see.

……….What is your promise?………

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all the best, kevin