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27 Jun

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This is an exciting week for my team. We are having our first global meeting in a few years (since before I started) at our headquarters in Chicago.

It is a chance to build closer relationships, share knowledge, and learn from several leaders. As part of the planning, I scheduled a meeting between some of our key clients and the team. These colleagues in particular have extensive experience working with organizations such as ours but in other companies.

I happened to pass by oen of these leader’s offices and stopped by to thank him for his commitment of time. I also mentioned that I really want to know what bad experiences with teams look like. And that is when he (rightly) stopped me in my tracks. He said his goal was to share his knowledge around great experiences and building trust. Well, I was floored….and busted. My perspective on the situation was out of whack.

We should be focusing on how to build on the best of best ideas and opportunities. While there may be something to learning from really bad examples of relationship management, it is possible that it could come across as shaming. But better than that was my peer’s idea, build on great examples. I needed a better perspective on how to create value from this opportunity which led me back tom something I had read from Ryan Holiday in “The Obstacle is the Way”:

So in reflecting about my perspective, here are three things worth consider in the context of your perspective:

  • Keep perspective aligned with purpose – Our team purpose is about protecting and enabling our clients. For myself, it is about protecting an enabling my team to be successful if meeting the needs of those clients. While we intend to spend this week learning, my perspective was out of whack with the bigger purpose.
  • Perspective built on the positive – Positive, additive development is a focal point for our group. We need to constantly be focused on developing our leadership and creativity to supplement the skills we need to be successful for the company. Not every choice or strategy goes exactly as we have planned. Focusing on “how could you let this happen” versus “what did we learn and what can we do differently” only slows down and creates a negative spiral. We need to learn and keep moving.
  • Perspective based on priorities – The top priority for our team, myself included, is to always be learning. By subjecting the team to negativity as mentioned above, it could shut them down which is exactly what I don’t want to do. Contrasting examples is one thing, but focusing on how to build on ideas versus tear them down will always sink in faster and stay with them longer.

A big thanks to my colleague, Jed, who correct perspective helped me to shift mine.

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All the best, kevin