5 for 5 blog – 5 ideas from Leadercast 2017 to think on right now

8 May

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“Powered by Purpose” was the theme for the 2017 Leadercast that took place last Friday. For those not familiar, Leadercast is a one day leadership event which this year brought speakers ranging from Andy Stanley to Suzy Welch to Tyler Perry to Dr. Henry Cloud to Molly Fletcher. For leaders at any level, it is a tremendous learning and inspirational experience. And this year’s big idea around purpose was not only timely but packed full of amazing practical and actionable insights.

Here are 5 big ideas you should think on right now:

“Many little moment prepare you for the big moments.” – Molly Fletcher

Former sports agent Molly Fletcher shared the idea that every day has 1440 minutes; each one a chance to lean into fear. She spoke a lot about living fearlessly and most important, purpose allows us to suffocate fear. Through several examples of what living fearless could be she painted a picture in how each leader can develop the strength and resilience to be present and account for the people we serve. Living in the little moments also resonates with the idea that we make progress a little bit at a time. And if we are committed to the practices of the little wins, the little progress, we will be better prepared for the challenges that truly test us to live and act fearlessly.

“If Purpose is a means to an end, most people want to be the end, not the means.” – Andy Stanley

Andy laid out the important case that leading with purpose comes with a price. It is a price most people don’t want to pay. In leadership you have to learn to say “no” to yourself so you can say “yes” to the other people in your life and work. The price of leadership is learning to leave “What’s in it for me?” behind you. But when you begin to say no to yourself you put your leadership on the path to meaning. And that meaning is that you become the “means” by serving those around you.

“Execute with purpose, not perfection.” – Jess Ekstrom

This was one of the best ideas of the entire conference. How often we focused on our own performance, polishing every detail. Or worse yet, we never start because we haven’t aligned the right funding, or we don’t have the exact right team or technology. Instead if every day we focus on our purpose, focus on the people we serve, the process will come. Slow at times, but it will come.

Leaders need to bring Purpose and purpose to our organizations – Daniel Pink

In a fascinating revelation, Daniel admitted that when he wrote his best-selling book “Drive”, he had only focused on Purpose with a capital “P” at the time. Capital “P” Purpose is what we usually associate with the idea that it is about making a difference. But he shared that what he has been learning more recently is that not only do leaders need to identify Purpose with a capital P for their team, they also need to connect with purpose with a small “p”. This purpose, with a small “P” is about whether the individual and the team are making a contribution. Those day to day engagements and efforts that enable others and the business. As he shared “people want to know that if they didn’t come into work, that something wouldn’t get done.” Leaders need to be able to draw attention, recognize, and encourage both, Purpose and purpose.

“Do you want to go higher?” – Tyler Perry

Tyler shared the story of going out on a hike up a mountain. Like our work, we start off fast, but quickly we put our heads down and take the next step and another step. He shared that about half way up the mountain he was asked to turn around. The view was amazing and he realized that if we aren’t intentional about it we may fail to stop and appreciate exactly how far we come on our journey. But more powerful, he was asked “Do you want to go higher?” And that was the challenge he left for every leader; when you are asked that question, how will you answer? In his own life he noted that each time he was asked if he would go higher, he always responded “yes”.

There were many more ideas shared during the event. If you have never attended a Leadercast, I highly recommend it. In one day you easily receive enough insights and ideas to develop in your leadership to last all year.

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  1. I love Molly Fletcher’s bit on “purpose allows us to suffocate fear.” What a great way to relate these two nouns, and many times… the greater the fear, the greater the purpose 🙂

    Thank you for this blog, Kevin!

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