5 for 5 blog – 5 BIG ideas from Leadercast 2016

9 May

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This past Friday, 06-May, was the 2016 viewing of Leadercast, a one-day leadership event based in Atlanta and streamed all over the US and the world. Each year, Leadercast showcases some of the finest minds on the topic of leadership, innovation, and communication to build “Leaders worth following.”

The theme for 2016 was “Architects of Tomorrow – Unleash the visionary leader within you” featuring leaders from Nick Saban to Steve Wozniak to Kat Cole. It is a day of non-stop note taking, as one presenter after another shares their own life experience of their leadership journey. Here are some the big ideas that we took away from Friday:

Andy Stanley, Leadership Author & Communicator

“We value leaders with integrity, but we follow leaders with clarity.”

  • In a very frank talk, Andy shared how we only need to look to the current US political climate for some of our best examples of clarity versus integrity. We follow those who are the clearest. But great leaders will understand that this isn’t an “either or” situation and will work to cultivate both. He gave four keys for making vision stick including: “State it simply”, “Cast It Convincingly”, “Repeat it Regularly”, “Celebrate it Systematically”.
  • Big Idea: If we aspire to make a difference for our team, we have an obligation not only to hold ourselves to high levels of integrity but also to constantly work on weaving that into a clear vision for our team.

Kat Cole, Group President of Focus Brands

“When setting your priorities, choose things that are small enough to change and big enough to matter.”

  • Kat shared that leaders are challenged to focus on opportunities that allow us to maximize results with minimal resources. As she described, that often means foregoing a smaller change to realize something bigger. The challenge though is to find the right balance. Go too big and you can set yourself and your team up for failure. Go too small and you may miss a great opportunity. But when you are super clear about your vision, you will find the right way to go.
  • Big Idea: By focusing on the right thing, you may ultimately impact many more things than you were even anticipating.

James Brown, Network Broadcaster, CBS Sports and News

“Depth before height.”

  • Builders of the Washington Monument had to dig four stories down to establish the foundation that holds the iconic structure strong today. James Brown shared this example as a way to illustrate how people can stumble in their race to be a “success” without first establishing their character and habits.
  • Big Idea: The depth of our foundation determines the height of our success.

Nick Saban, Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama

“Invest your time, don ‘t spend it.”

  • Coach Saban got right to this point at the start of his talk. As leaders, we have to be intentional about our time. As we have talked about on this blog before, either you decide on your schedule or someone will decide it for you. Coach was adamant that successful people have to choose to have a work ethic and discipline to allow them to perform consistently every day.
  • Big Idea: Are you investing your time to make a difference in the lives of those around you?

Dr. Henry Cloud, Leadership Expert, Clinical Psychologist, & Best Selling Author

“The power of the other”

  • Leadership requires real connections. Connections that can allow us to be who we really are with real people we are care about and who care for use. The challenge for the leader is to provide the fuel for others. As Dr. Cloud described, this means connecting with someone exactly where they are with no happy talk. Our teams will never be able to deal with big challenges without a bedrock of positive.
  • Big idea: Our teams contribute to our success, so fuel them with encouragement and hold them accountable through clear expectations.

There were many more lessons and take-aways from this event, but the ideas you see above represent the biggest ideas our team captured (which you see in the header picture above). Which brings me to my last point which are some huge thank you’s…first is a big thanks to a small team of Littelfuse employees who attended on Friday. We laughed. We shared. We learned. Thank you all for making the time.

I also want to pass on a big thanks to the Littelfuse leadership team who believe enough in their employees’ engagement to host an event like Leadercast  which will truly be paid forward be everyone who attended.

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all the best, kevin