Friday Unwind – A half a billion unused vacation hours?!?

17 Jul

Good morning.

A sad video for all of the readers here in the US. Really? The reason we can’t get away from work is because of…!?

Not only are Americans not getting away we have the least amount of paid days among key developed nations. All the more reason to avoid some of the #vacationfails we talked about in the blog this week and truly disconnect.

Have a great weekend. all the best, kevin

Friday Unwind – Keep Growing, Get “Rich”

10 Jul

Good morning everyone.

Brian Johnson’s You Tube channel is quickly becoming of my favorites. He releases 10-12 minutes videos where he summarizes a book he has read. Here he reviews the book “Today We Are Rich” by Tim Sanders. It fits in nicely with the blog and mid week motivations, where we have been emphasizing the point of focusing on continually growing.

Please check out Brian’s other videos……great summaries…..amazing generosity with his leadership.

Have a great weekend.

all the best, kevin

Friday Unwind – The Power of Reading

3 Jul

Good morning.

A beautiful presentation about the power reading books can have in our lives. I hope you are working on your summer reading list…..whether it is three or even one book….reading can have a huge impact on your future.

Books have given me a magic portal to connect with people of the past and the present.

all the best, kevin