Friday Unwind – Your next move is built on small wins

22 May

Good morning and happy Friday.

Sometimes the path to your next move is to build on the progress built up by your small wins. This video from the author of “The Progress Principle”, Teresa Amabile, teaches us how to collect those small wins and capture them in a way to build our confidence and help us make the next big step in our projects and our careers.

The #1 driver of positive inner work-life is making progress in meaningful work…even if that progress is a small win.

Have a great weekend!

all the best, kevin

Friday Unwind – We need you to lead us!!!

8 May

Good morning everyone. In honor of the Leadercast event which will be broadcast tomorrow from Atlanta, here is one of its featured speakers, Seth Godin.

In this talk, Seth implores us to stand out…to start a movement…and find those people who believe what we believe, our tribe.

My key takeaway is asking myself the three questions he leaves for us:

  • Who are you upsetting? This is about challenging the status quo!
  • Who are you connecting? Because more than anything people want to be connected to a cause.
  • Who are you leading? This is where the change comes from. Lead us…we need you to show us the way.

All the best, kevin